Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud : How to Get There & Best Time to Visit


There are many unique spots in Bali that draw in tourists to visit. The Island of the Gods is a total package for a holiday alone or with friends, family, and pairs. It seems like a week in Bali will never ever suffice to explore various fascinating tourist locations. Among the locations often visited by tourists is Campuhan Ridge Stroll.

Location Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Stroll is a running track about capitals of Campuhan, Bali. This place lies on Jalan Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Ubud, Kelusa, Payangan, Gianyar Rule. The size of this track is just 1.5 meters wide with a size of about 2 kilometers. For those of you that such as running or taking a leisurely stroll, you'll definitely such as this place.

What to Expect

You can see beautiful views of the hills and hillsides on the right and left of the path. Local and international tourists love to visit this place to see the dawn and sundown in Bali. Valleys, green turf, and rivers that get on the borders of this path produce a unique view and beautiful. You'll not obtain sick of seeing this eye-pleasing view.

Campuhan Ridge Walk Route

It's not challenging for you to find the place of the Campuhan Bali hillside course because you just need much less compared to 10 mins from the facility of Ubud. You can use a two-wheeled motorcycle or car to get to this place. You can rent a motorcycle or car from the facility of Ubud to obtain to the Campuhan path comfortably.

The entryway to the Campuhan hillside path lies at Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas & Health day medical medhealth club. You need to take the left course to get to Campuhan Ridge Wak. If you bring a mechanized vehicle, after that you must put or leave your vehicle in the institution location. Typically, there are many parking assistants about this course to protect your vehicle.


Many inns are found close to this Campuhan Bali hillside path location. You can try various affordable homes such as Warwick Ibah Luxury Villa and Health day medical medhealth club, Resort Tjampuhan and Health day medical medhealth club, Gusti Yard 2 Visitor House, Prashanti Ubud, Murni's Houses and Health day medical medhealth club, and De Munut Balinese Health day medical medhealth club and Hotel. Many complete centers are offered to site visitors to the inn.

This Campuhan hillside course is often visited by local and international tourists to walk or simply to take photos. There are several points you need to take note of when you're at Campuhan Ridge Stroll, let's see!

Best Time To Campuhan Ridge Walk

This place lies in the highlands of the Campuhan hillsides. You can see the dawn and sundown wonderfully from this place. Tourists typically jog in the morning until dawn. They also take a leisurely walk in the mid-day while waiting on the sunlight to set. The orange tint that shows up from the West further beautifies the island of Bali.

Many youths hang out in this place to take photos at the right minute in the Campuhan Hillside location. This place is well-known amongst millennials to decorate the feed upon their Instagram account. Many young pairs that will obtain married take very beautiful and charming pre-wedding pictures.

Prepare Mineral Sprinkle

The place of this track is quite much from the shop or delay location, so you need to bring your own mineral sprinkle to drink at any moment. The period of the journey in this place takes about 15-20 mins. Along with drinking sprinkle, make certain you have filled your stomach first before coming to this place. Travel will be a lot more comfy when you bring your own beverages and food.

Obeying the Rules

As a great site visitor, of course, you must maintain tidiness and politeness while in this place. You're restricted from dedicating unethical acts and contaminating the Campuhan path location. It is better for you to conserve and earn food wrappers, mineral canteen, and cigarette butts so as not to damage the all-natural beauty of the Campuhan hillside in Bali.

Wearing Comfy Clothes and Shoes

Comfy clothes will raise the state of mind to do tasks. If you want to jog in this place, after that wear appropriate and comfy sporting activities shoes and clothes. If you want to simply go for a stroll, after that wear laid-back clothes that are relaxed and not an inconvenience. Use clothes made of cotton that are soft and take in sweat well.

It Is Forbidden To Bring Drugs and Do Prohibited Activities

Of course you want to travel comfortably and securely, right? There are unique traditional permissions and penalties for site visitors that violate the appropriate regulations in the Campuhan path location.

Be a great tourist by obeying local regulations, appreciating local individuals, and not production sound or mayhem. This is done to maintain the tranquility of nature and residents about tourist attractions.

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