The Bali Swing Tegalalang : Swinging While Enjoying the Rice Fields

The Bali Swing is certainly hectic being a preferred task for travelers that get on holiday in Bali. Swinging in the center of the gorgeous see of the Tegalalang rice fields is among one of the most prominent Bali Swing areas for travelers.

The Bali Swing Tegalalang : Swinging While Enjoying the Rice Fields

Bali Swing Tegalalang which hangs in between 2 hand trees lies in the town of Tegalalang, north of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. This swing overlooks the gorgeous surroundings which is only balconies of rice fields and is constantly congested with travelers.

The Bali Swing Tegalalang : Swinging While Enjoying the Rice Fields
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In Bali Swing Tegalalang itself, there are 2 swing areas with various elevations. The initially is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swings and the 2nd is the Terrace River Swimming pool Swing Bali. The swing in Bali Swing is rather easy since it just utilizes a rope connected to a hand tree. 

However you do not have to stress over safety and safety, the supervisor of Bali Swing Tegalalang has executed the suitable safety and safety treatments.

Travelers that come and will attempt the Bali Swing will certainly be geared up with Body Harnes that are linked to a security rope. Site visitors could really feel the feeling of swinging from an elevation of 45 meters over the ground with a swing period of 15 swings.

The Bali Swing Tegalalang : Swinging While Enjoying the Rice Fields
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Bali Tegalalang Rice Terrace, from the call of this traveler tourist destination, you could currently picture the incredible expanse of rice fields with distinct terrace developments. The Tegalalang Rice Terrace gets on the north side of Ubud. This is among the areas in Ubud that's suggested for those of you that are searching for serenity.

About the rice fields, there are numerous high coconut trees. This makes the location much a lot extra relaxing and shady. Walking it's a fantastic method to check out the charm of the rice balconies and regional farmers functioning their fields.

Along with discovering the rice fields or attempting swing trips, you could likewise take photos at the bird's Skies bike and nest.

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Another point, do not miss out on the horticulture trip at Uma Pakel Agro Tourism and appreciate a mug of tea or coffee common of Uma Pakel civet. You could pick up a minute at a dining establishment about the Tegalalang Bali Swing for lunch, if you are sensation starving.

A couple of suggestions for travelers that wish to go to, come when it begins to open up where the variety of site visitors isn't congested. Besides having the ability to prevent lines, the pictures you obtain will be much far better since the sunshine in the early morning makes the picture flatter.

Place of Bali Swing Tegalalang

This swing trip remains in Tegalalang Town, Ubud. Exactly situated in the location of ​​Uma Pakel civet coffee agrotourism.

Path to Bali Swing Tegalalang Ubud

To visit Tegalalang you could utilize a personal car. The complying with is the path to Bali Swing Tegalalang Ubud:

  • Motorbike or vehicle
It takes regarding 2 hrs own from Kuta. if you're in the city of Ubud you could own for thirty minutes through Jl. Raya Ubud going to Jl. Suweta.

Take Jl. Raya Semana to Jl. Blowing Kingdom in Abiansemal. After that take Jl. Yuda Stairways to Jl. Siren Saraswati at Bongkasa Pertiwi.

  • Dining establishment
  • Alon- Alon Terrace Coffee shop, Rice Terrace Coffee shop, Boni Bali Dining establishment) and a lot more.
  • Bathroom
  • Souvenir store

There are numerous stores on either side of the roadway. Or if you're intentionally searching for a present store in Ubud, you could go to the Ubud Art Market.
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