Tembok Barak Waterfall Buleleng : Exotic Red Cliff Panorama

Tembok Barak Waterfall Buleleng : Exotic Red Cliff Panorama
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The all-natural beauty on the island of Bali is unlimited. There are new fascinating all-natural attractions to be found. Sambangan Tembok Barak Waterfall is a listing of the newest all-natural tourist attractions that can be visited on the island of the gods. This place will be a fascinating tourist place for those of you that prefer to visit waterfall tours.

Although it's still fairly new, in truth the Tembok Barak Waterfall located in Sambangan Town, Sukasada Area, Singaraja, Bali is also able to anesthetize tourists with its originality and beauty. What makes this waterfall unique is that its elevation is quite reduced, unlike various other falls in Bali. 

The atmosphere is much more beautiful because the Tembok Barak Waterfall flows through the high high cliff wall surfaces.

The specialized of the Sambangan Tembok Barak Waterfall

These high cliffs or wall surfaces are red in color so it's appropriate that this waterfall is called the Sambangan Tembok Barak Waterfall (tembok means wall surface, barak means red). Because it's a recently recognized tourist spot, the Tembok Barak Waterfall still doesn't have adequate centers.

The trip to the tourist place of the Tembok Barak Waterfall is much more interesting with a track that must be taken just by strolling along the 700 meters. Therefore, before deciding to visit this beautiful waterfall, endurance and solid body must be ready first.

Throughout the stroll, the eyes will be treated to views of ranches, rice rich woodlands and areas. Of course this is what makes the journey much more interesting and pleasurable while taking a breath in the fresh and cool hill air.

Under the splash of the Tembok Barak Waterfall, there's a swimming pool of sprinkle that's quite wide but deep enough. So for those that want to swim or play in the sprinkle, they should simply play or swim on the sides. The sprinkle is very clear and fresh because it originates from hill springtimes.

Tips that need to be considered is that it's better to find on Monday-Thursday, because it's certain when the weekend break the place becomes crowded with site visitors.

Remember to bring a video camera, food and drink supplies, and a change of clothes. The video cam makes sure to take photos of one of the most beautiful minutes at the Tembok Barak Waterfall, sick of strolling must be starving and parched, and a change of clothes to wear after diving right into the sprinkle pool. What you need to keep in mind is to maintain the tidiness and conservation of nature.

To enter the Tembok Barak Waterfall, site visitors are not billed an entryway ticket. However, as more and moremore and more site visitors were interested about the hidden beauty of the Tembok Barak Waterfall, the supervisor finally enforced an entryway ticket.

It's hoped that with the enhancing variety of site visitors that come, there will be building of more adequate centers. So that the safety and convenience of site visitors can be made the most of. Considering the Tembok Barak Waterfall has an exoticism that's very valuable to be preserved and enjoyed.

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Place of the Sambangan Tembok Barak Waterfall

This waterfall lies in Sambangan Town, Buleleng Rule. It's just about 80 Kilometers from Denpasar, you can travel for approximately 2.5 hrs via Jl. Raya Bedugul-Singaraja. It is quite much to obtain here. However, when you reach the place of the Sambangan Tembok Barak Waterfall, you'll be really impressed by its beauty.

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